JK Design Emissary Makers Choice Lottery information: 

What up flip fanatics. These are the guidelines to follow if you want to purchase an Emissary. 

There are two ongoing lotto pots. 

  - Emissary Trainer ($600-$650)

- Emissary with live blade ($750-$850) 

You may enter one or both pots. No deposit required, entry is free. 

When a knife is finished, I will use random.org to choose a name from the pot. When your name is drawn you will receive an email with photos and a description of the current build as well as PayPal payment instructions. You will have the option to accept and pay for the knife within 24 hours or hold out and wait for the next time your name is drawn. 

These knives are made of 6-4 titanium and cts-xhp stainless steel. Full dress knives will be auctioned on Instagram and Facebook. 

To Enter:

  1. Provide your name, email address and birth date.  
  2. Specify which pot/s you would like to be in.


If you are under the age of 18 you will automatically be entered into the trainer pot.

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